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Educational workshops. Wynne designs and delivers practical site and facility management workshops at conferences across the country (IACCA, CCCA, ACA, faith-based, agency, etc.)

Exhibitor. We participate as an exhibitor at regional and national conferences. Stop by to see Lodgepole® Property System demonstrated, and see for yourself how easy it is to use.

If you would like a list of current or past educational workshops, or an upcoming exhibitor schedule, please contact us.

The Company

Yes, we understand the needs of camps, conference centers, retreat centers, and outdoor properties!

Since 2001, Lodgepole by Callippe Solutions provides you with a powerful software toolset to manage your future.

Callippe is experienced with both small and large properties throughout the US and Canada. From the initial communication to training and on-going support, we partner with you via telephone, desktop sharing, videos, and email. These tools maximize your knowledge and minimize travel expenses. The president has over 25 years in the camp and center industry.

We specialize in and pride ourselves on proactive, long-term relationships that ensure your facility thrives and grows into the future.

Other people who work with Callippe have excellent skills and experiences, such as networking, database development, customer service, graphics, and administrative work.

Callippe has been involved with many professional organizations, both in an educational role and a vendor.

Business Partnerships


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Hibbs-Hallmark & Company (www.hibbshallmark.com/camps ) specializes in providing competitive, comprehensive insurance programs, especially when it comes to the Camp and Conference Center Community. Hibbs-Hallmark & Company strives to maintain their position as an independent agent and represent several of the nation’s best camp insurance programs. If you are interested in obtaining an insurance quote for your organization, contact Hibbs-Hallmark & Company at 1-800-765-6767 or email them at info@HibbsHallmark.com

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KALEIDOSCOPE inc. provides professional services to camps, retreats, and outdoor centers to help them thrive. Services include consulting and planning as well as master site development services. www.kaleidoscopeinc.com


About the Name "Callippe"

Similar to the pronunciation of Calypso, Callippe is pronounced "Ca-lip'-pe". The name "Callippe" comes from two butterflies: Callippe Fritillary and subspecies, Callippe Silverspot.

Outdoor properties utilize natural settings to give guests campers unique opportunities. Sites and facilities can utilize powerful software tools, which help them be economically viable, have good environmental stewardship, and give future generations the same experience that today's guests have. This requires that the tools, systems, and procedures have annual cycles and phases - which is analogous to a butterfly's life cycle and habitat. Callippe Solutions, LLC describe our solutions.

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