About the blogger. Wynne wrote the book, Outdoor Site and Facility Management: Tools for Creating Memorable Places, and brings 25 years of broad experience in the camping and conference center industry. She teaches camp and conference center workshops throughout the country on facilities, board governance, leadership, volunteers, etc. She actively volunteers in her community and holds two master’s degrees.

Your suggestions are welcome! Suggestions might include a topic, a best practice, a way to make work easier, a question for others, a challenge, a resource to recommend to others, a photo of a renovated facility or natural area restoration to share with others, etc.

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About the Blog

  • All types of outdoor organizations can benefit from the blog: camps, retreat centers, conference centers, outdoor education centers, dude ranches, etc.
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  • This blog covers both the facilities AND the site (land, nature resources, etc.). In the blog, the combination of site and facilities may be referred to as ‘property.’
  • From time to time, postings will include information about Lodgepole® Property System and the book Outdoor Site and Facility Management: Tools for Creating Memorable Places.

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