Computer Requirements

Lodgepole is flexible to meet the needs of different computer systems. Lodgepole can be installed on an individual computer or on a network. Click on the link for the details:

Lodgepole® Computer Requirements (61 K, pdf).

It's easy - the most important piece of software you'll need is Microsoft Access, which is part of Microsoft Office Professional Suite.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do I need to be a computer geek to use Lodgepole?happy man

No geek skills needed. Your job is to manage your property. Our job is to worry about the "geeky" stuff, and we have worked hard to make Lodgepole user-friendly.

Does Lodgepole work on a network?

Lodgepole works well on a network. Please read the computer requirements in the link above.

Can remote sites use Lodgepole on the server?

Yes, with the right network configuration and software. You'll need to use “Remote CONTROL” applications. Ask us to send you a handout.

What do I need to backup my data?

It's very important to backup your property data. On a regular basis, simply copy one file to minimize lost data. You can use a thumb drive, an external hard drive, or burn to a CD. If you're on a network, this is usually done on a nightly basis. Check with your network administrator.

Is there a limit to how much data you can put in Lodgepole?

Lodgepole is virtually unlimited in capacity, allowing you to enter an unlimited number of sites, maintenance records, etc. Store up to 2 GB of information. Most facilities would typically use a tenth of this size.

What's the current version of Lodgepole?

Version 5.0. Just released!

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