Demos Available

Lodgepole is best seen, rather than described. Below are different ways to see Lodgepole:demo

  1. Live, remote demo. Free, personal one-on-one demonstration. Through the Internet, Callippe will run Lodgepole on their computer, and you can see Lodgepole "live" on your computer. On the phone we'll explain what you are seeing, and answer all questions. It's also a great way for a group to see a demo together. This saves you travel expenses and precious time. You can see a demo any time, in the comfort of your office.
  2. Online overview. Short overview explaining the Lite version of Lodgepole (structures, equipment, property and the corresponding reports). Requires Flash and speakers for sound. High speed Internet connection strongly recommended.
  3. Live, in-person demo at an upcoming conference. We participate as an exhibitor at several conferences across the country. Stop by to see Lodgepole® Property System demonstrated, and see for yourself how easy it is to use.

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