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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I explain the Lodgepole investment with my board or owners?

High quality assets are vital to the longevity of your organization. It is imperative that they are managed well. Justify the expense by comparing to the investment of the site and facilities.

How much have you paid for your fund development software, finance software, or registration software? Lodgepole® costs much less in comparison.

Ask for our Return On Investment (ROI) one-page whitepaper that describes prevention savings, time savings, and other ways you can recoup your price within 1-3 years.

How does licensing work?

The licensing is by the property, rather than by the number of individuals using the software. Thus, Lodgepole can be used with any number of people or on a network for the same price.

Is there an annual maintenance fee?

No. However, there are costs for newer versions, based on the amount of new features.

Can I purchase the Lite module and add other modules later?

Yes and it's easy. When you're ready to expand, just let us know and we'll email you a new licensing file. You copy the file to your computer and you’re ready to go.

Similarly, you can add additional properties at any time.

How is the pricing computed for an organization that owns more than one property?

The largest property is full price, and then the subsequent properties are discounted based on volume, the property size, and scope. For example if you have a camp and a second property with one building, there is a significant discount for the second property.

To determine the size and scope of the properties, we email you a simple one-page Excel spreadsheet and ask you to complete the number of buildings, etc. for each property. When you return the Excel sheet to us, we will send you a proposal to review.



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