Book: Outdoor Site & Facilities

Here’s what people are saying about the book, Outdoor Site and Facility Management: Tools for Creating Memorable Places

CCCA. A practical resource for a variety of camp types, Outdoor Site and Facility Management: Tools for Creating Memorable Places offers creative, effective strategies for the complex task of maintaining and managing ministry property for long-term success. Since all properties are different, it also offers guidance about making decisions best suited to a specific camp or conference center.

Wynne, president of CCCA business member Callippe Solutions, LLC, discusses integrating property and program, considering participants’ needs, finding and working with appropriate staff and volunteers, understanding property rights, using natural resources wisely and managing risk. She also details how to create a safe, positive atmosphere by focusing on such property aspects as landscaping, timely maintenance and inspections, fencing, utilities, cleaning and transportation infrastructure.

To help camp leaders keep organized, a chapter is devoted to time management and savvy planning priorities. Wynne also addresses budgeting and keeping effectual property records. Described by a YMCA camping leader as “like a college degree in camp property management,” the nuts-and-bolts book is filled with helpful techniques, examples, forms and lists. In addition, an included CD-ROM provides editable job descriptions, a list of helpful resources for specific concerns, and dozens of forms and checklists for maintenance, inspections, finances, feedback, planning and staffing.

YMCA-USA Camping Update. “Like a College Degree in Camp Property Management” – Historic YMCA Camp Dudley’s Fred Guffey writes: “I’ve found the book Outdoor Site and Facility Management to be of great use. Managing ongoing maintenance needs was particularly useful. There are good points about sustainable practices and dedicating funds to ‘greening-up’ the facility. The chapter on record keeping helped me better visualize how I might make future presentations for upgrading facilities to our board of directors and potential donors, and backing them up with hard data. The CD-ROM contains 48 good samples, checklists, and forms. The Appendix contains job descriptions which clearly help when doing hiring interviews to ensure that potential new staff really get a ‘feel’ for what’s involved with camp maintenance.

Amazon Review. I am very pleased with the purchase that I made for our summer camp facilities staff. We now have 3 books so that everyone on the staff can have access to one of the books. B. Koster Tanglewood Camp.